Our Pricing

“Prices are just the number dedication can buy you the plan for free”
We have very flexible plans with affordable prices with the best service in entire India.
We do not keep the options for our self our aim is to give a relaxation with multiple option to our client.

Group Coaching

$150 / Month

There will be maximum 10 people in a group with whom you will be joining us in a live video call.

  • Multiple Classes in a day
  • 3 days classes a week
  • 100% satisfaction

Private Coaching

$300 / Month

Private coaching will be one to one coaching in which one trainer will only guide you dedicatedly.

  • Multiple Classes in a day
  • 3 days classes a week
  • 100% satisfaction

Limited Period Offer

Don’t let the social distancing keeps you away from your workout join us today with discounted prices.


Duration of the session?

There will be 45 mins session for one class with 15 mins of meditation.

Classes per week?

There will be 3 classes per week in both private and group package.

What about the Assistance?

Our team will be daily available to cordinate with you in working hours.

What about my detailed doubts?

We will schedule a one call per week for personal assistance and doubts clearification.

Why should I go for paid packages?

No fitness goal can be achieved without a trainer who trains you dedicatedly.

Why do i need you?

Proper body posture is required to get the positive result otherwise the same exercise can give us negative results.