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We promote and train people to do yoga dedicatedly as yoga is the ancient practice to keep yourself fit physically as well as mentally. Yoga has the power to give magical results in keeping one away from decease and negativity. Nothing can buy you mental peace but practicing yoga on a regular basis can do it for you at no cost.

Online Yoga Guru's

Online Yoga Guru is a platform with an innovative idea to make their home a “yoga centre” in itself!

Founded by the IIT’ian, Online Yoga Guru is an online platform offering yoga training enthusiasts across the globe the ability to exercise and stay active via live and recorded online classes.

Our platform is for people who want to do yoga passionately, anywhere and have fun and mental peace at the same time. Our role is to offer our users effective online classes with professional yoga trainers .
Online Yoga Training makes yoga convenient, effective, affordable, and flexible for our users.

With a secure payment system, personal customer service, and a growing community of users, online yoga training is the easiest way for people to do yoga at home, anytime!

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Online Yoga training taught me yoga without even taking a step out of my home, their support and coperation is amazing. I recommend them to everyone for online yoga training.
Neha Sharma